Bren's Green Thumb: Back to Basics Program (7 classes + graduation)
The Back to Basics Program is for novice gardeners who are eager to learn how to care for an organic garden from start to finish. It encompasses the entire growing season - March until September - and is located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. Students have the opportunity to work with the varying landscapes of two different home gardens and, as the growing season progresses, they will literally get to see the "fruits [and vegetables] of their labour". Bren incorporates both theoretical in-class and practical hands-on portions - indoor and outdoor - into this program to assist students to gain real-life knowledge and experience on how to care for an organic garden from seed to harvest and beyond. The graduation will be a potluck and harvest celebration to commemorate those who complete the entire program - drop-in students, family and friends are welcome to join and celebrate with us.
*Classes for 2023 have completed.
*Classes for 2024 are on these Sundays: Mar. 17, Apr. 14, May 19, Jun. 9, Jul. 7, Aug. 11, Sep. 8. Graduation day is TBA.
**Classes are approximately 3.5 hours long; class start time is TBA.

Full program: $450
Drop-in: $70 per class
Observation: $40 per class

Email to enroll.
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