"Bren's classes are organized, comprehensive, engaging and fun. With the classes held throughout the growing season, instruction and hands-on activities cover every aspect of the plant life cycle. Bren is a knowledgeable, passionate instructor. With these classes, he has succeeded in providing a university-level program in a streamlined package at a fraction of the cost. If you are interested in how plants get from seed to harvest or if you’d just like to provide your family with a nutritious, healthy bounty from your own garden, you’ll be surprised at how much Bren can teach you in just a few classes. You’ll enjoy the time spent in class and you’ll leave with an impressive level of knowledge and the confidence necessary to turn your own organic gardening vision into a reality. I highly recommend this course." 
- David R. (B2B Program Graduate)
"I highly recommend the Back to Basics Program to anyone interested in learning to grow food and creating any type of garden. I started out having very little knowledge and skills but thanks to this program, I have gained a lot of confidence and enjoyment for gardening. It was so rewarding to finally harvest my first veggies! Brendan is a passionate and knowledgeable gardener and his program had just the right balance of theory and practical hands-on experience. It’s a very comprehensive program and the time commitment of once a month from March to September can suit many schedules."
- Milarosa S. (B2B Program Graduate)

"Just want to say thank you for providing the Back to Basics program for all of us! I went outside to destress by puttering around in my garden and happened to notice a sliver of orange poking out of the soil and to my surprise I pulled out my first normal looking carrot! Not deformed at all! My garden this year is doing much better than previous years thanks to this course."
 - Jackie S. (B2B Program Non-Graduate)
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